Energy Intuitive


As an intuitive, I care deeply for our Mother Earth and humanity as a whole. My greatest  joy is mentoring and listening to others as they walk their ascension journey. I enjoy the diversity of each person’s story, and I honor the gifts that each one brings. As a clairsentient, I feel energy moving through the client during a session as I combine my ENERGY INTUITIVE modality with HOLY FIRE REIKI


The Dolphin Pod™ Project


The DOLPHIN POD™ PROJECT developed by Megan McGeowin, was created to bring the energy and qualities of the dolphins through joy, love, creativity, harmony, peace, play, connection, and oneness to humanity and the universe..   

We are creating our own story everyday, and the Pods are designed to expand this awareness, while re-imagining and integrating the truth of who we really are as loving divine beings. Participating in a monthly Pod call with like-minded people, creates a safe and sacred space for individuals to feel valued, listened to, and supported.  


Holy Fire II Reiki


Usui HOLY FIRE II REIKI is a form of Reiki that was developed by William Lee Rand. Reiki means spiritual wisdom and life energy. The process of Reiki is very simple, yet powerful, and can help promote healing and a sense of well-being. 

I combine HOLY FIRE REIKI with my ENERGY INTUITIVE modality while supporting each client during a session.